a trip to the faroe islands

I stumbled upon a photo journal of a photographer's trip to the Faroe islands that I just had to share. They mentioned:

 “At first glance, the Faroes are very unfriendly. A traveler is greeted by the fog and rain with a piercing wind that creeps through the warmest clothes. Local nature matches the weather: open spaces, green hills without a single tree, endless and restless ocean all around. Huge waves crash on the jagged rocks that hide their tops high in the mist. But behind this sternness lurks an incredible beauty – silent northern beauty that creates stunning pictures with cold tones and smooth lines.”

Brb, packing up my bags now and heading off to Denmark. I just can't believe how dreamy it is. Click the link above to see the full series of photos.


daydreaming about new spaces

Since Patrick has landed his new job, I'm just itching to find a new apartment. Our current living situation isn't bad at all - we're so lucky to have scooped up the space we do have. However, I can't help myself daydreaming of this brand new start. I've been spending my free time looking over interior design blogs, and imagining my how I'd decorate this new space with designer furniture and one-of-a-kind artwork. When I'm not looking at home blogs, I'm staring at photos of puppies all day - coming up with names for our future dog (so far I'm deciding between Rudy or Iggy) who will act as the finishing touch on this new fancy apartment.

Today I became a little too obsessed with Schoolhouse Electric - where in my perfect daydream world, I would go on a shopping spree and decorate my new abode with my insanely cute and well behaved puppy in tow. Here are some of my favorite pieces, click the images to link back to where you can buy them.

Aiden candlesticks.

Aiden candlesticks.

Dinner bell

Dinner bell

Ask more questions framed art.

Ask more questions framed art.

Tinted Glassware 

Tinted Glassware 

Green velvet chair.

Green velvet chair.

Leather love seat.

Leather love seat.


Patrick and I took a quick trip down to Philadelphia last weekend and oh my god - it was everything we wanted. We went in with no expectations, yet somehow, Philly exceeded them all. The trip from NYC is only two-ish hours away, so it's honestly such a perfect getaway if you need one. 

Where we stayed 

philadelphia bedroom airbnb
philadelphia bedroom airbnb
my favorite position is ceo

We rented out an Airbnb, and had the greatest night's sleep. I supposed we've forgotten what it's like to not have people yelling outside of your window at night, or your neighbors playing music 24/7. The neighborhood was still right in the city - yet it was so quiet at night.

philadelphia  street
thrift store philadelphia jinxed passyunk

The neighborhood had so many cute shops - we especially loved Jinxed - which was an antique store/tattoo parlor. Everything was inexpensive and it was so hard not getting this amazing sailor painting. 

Eastern State Penitentiary

philadelphia penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary was our first stop - we took the audio tour (to much of my horror -audio tours look so lame) but it ended up being incredible and also pretty creepy. The building is pretty much an abandoned fortress in the middle of Philly, with 30+ feet stone walls. 

The penitentiary held prisoners from 1829 until 1971. This is especially cool because there are quite a lot of people alive today who actually lived in the prison. They had a few of these men speak during the tour about their time there.

penitentiary philadelphia
penitentiary philadelphia al capone cell

Eastern State was home to some pretty notable criminals. Above was the cell of Al Capone and a dog named Pep that was incarcerated for killing a cat.

Magic Gardens

philadelphia magic gardens

Ahhh the Magic Gardens was so cool. This area reminded me so much of Barcelona, I wish it could have gone on forever.  Isaiah Zagar built the Magic Gardens all on his own, and it's pretty incredible. I could have just spent hours here looking at everything.

magic gardens philadelphia
philadelphia magic gardens

City Center

city hall philadelphia

This was another great example of not having any expectations - yet having them exceeded. City Hall was such a beautiful site - that architecture! The Love statue was a biiiit small - but it really was nice to see it in person. I love this picture because a girl walking by saw Patrick and I trying to take a selfie in front of the Love statue - and said, "are y'all going for the selfie look - or do you want me to take a pic?" which I though was so nice. Patrick decided to keep his eyes closed for the pic.

love park philadelphia

Reading Terminal 

reading terminal philadelphia
philly cheese steaks philadelphia

Of course we had to get cheesesteaks.

philadelphia soda flavors

We stopped by a soda shop and LOLed at the flavors for way too long. Some of the most interesting flavors: Ranch Dressing Soda, Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda, and Sweet Corn Soda.

philadelphia ice cream

Oh my god... this ice cream. That's all I can say.

All in all, I would give Philly a 10/10. Our time there was just so much fun, it was one of those weekends where everything somehow went miraculously just right. The weather was nice, the people were friendly - Patrick even heard that he got the job he was hoping for. I'm already looking forward to our next trip.