10 links to help you procrastinate

three one piece bathing suits

Confession: I hate bikinis. Any time I've managed to work up the courage to wear one, I live in constant fear of it flying off every time I cannonball into the pool (because, you know, that's all I do at the pool.) 
I've always loved a one piece, and I'm really glad it's not as hard to find ones that look less like your Grandma's swimsuit, and more hip. This summer I've made it a personal goal to get a tan, and thus began my search for the perfect swimsuit. Here are three I really love.

2. V-Neck Swimsuit

ZARA - $23

i'm officially a nyc dog walker

Recently I've been walking dogs here in NYC - and I'm seriously in love. Although I also am in love with my "big girl" job here, I can't stop daydreaming about becoming a full time dog walker. It pays well, and I honestly could see myself looking like this with no problem at all. Here are the past two cuties who stole my heart:

nyc dog walker

This guy was 15 years old and literally the biggest cuddler.

nyc dog walker

This is Ray Charles (seriously!) who was found blind with his ears cropped too short. While he's completely blind, he was insanely smart and well behaved.

PS - since becoming a dog walker, I have spend no less than a million hours online looking for my own pup. I'm officially on two waiting lists for one! Eeeeeek!