Mascara, anyone?

Let's just say, I legitimately envy girls who know how to apply makeup properly. Honestly, not even properly - girls who can apply makeup at all. I can't. I have tried, and tried again, but I always look midly-crazed after I'm done. I've been aware of this hard truth for years now, and have been trying to take immediate action. In fact, once I went all the way to Sephora, and I came out looking like a legitimate clown (the woman doing my makeup kept whispering to herself, "flawless, mhm, you flawless now" souly because she had covered my skin in 1 inch of thick foundation - but that's another story) and came out defeated, stupid looking, and empty handed once again.

Needless to say: I've always been a fan of drug store brands - mainly because I can't muster up the courage to dish out that much money on something I probably won't be able to use the right way. All I need is a little foundation, eyeliner, and mascara, and voila! I'm good to go! When I stumbled upon this glorious article: The Definitive Drugstore Mascara Review: No, Seriously, I Tried ALL OF THEM -- I squealed. It's not only well-written, but I suddenly feel the inspiration to try out this whole "makeup" thing once again. Wish me luck.