For Brunch

Instead of exchanging gifts this holiday season, Patrick and I have decided to treat ourselves to a mini vacation of sorts. Choosing where was a no-brainer - what's the most magical city in the world for Christmas time? NYC of course!

One of many exciting things that we have to look forward to is visiting Le Train Bleu! Located in Bloomingdales (of all places) there's a quaint little restaurant modeled after a train dining car. Originally seen on the The Calais-MediterranĂ©e Express, a luxury French night express train which ran between Calais and the French Riviera from 1886-2007. Known best for transporting Britain's upper crust in the 1920s, today it's used as a secret brunch spot atop the roof of one of the Upper East Side's biggest department stores.  Inside, you'll find vintage travel ads, complete with mahogany paneling, green trim, mirrors, Victorian lamps and brass luggage racks. 

Besides the absolute charm of the place, there are a few more upsides as well: it doesn't break the bank, the food reviews are excellent, and you can eat without the possibility of impending motion sickness.