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This is such a romantic New York Times cover. It's supposed to snow this week, too.

I can say I've accomplished the majority of these today (must be why I'm smiling right now) Check out the 10 best ways to ensure happiness - backed by science.

I write for a wedding planning company and I'm always awed by the flowers that they use. I want to take this class for sure!

Make something useful, instead. It's that simple.

Here are 10 creative rituals that you should steal (to keep yourself sane.)

I'll admit it, I'm not the best with saving money. Maybe I should start listening to the advice of hip-hop lyrics?

Ever wonder how Brooklyn neighborhoods got their names? Look no further for their interesting histories.

Want to speak your mind anonymously? This app gives you an open space to share what you're thinking and feeling, without anyone knowing who you are. It's not about who you are - but what you say.

Being in New York, especially during the winter months, it's hard not to crave a coffee in your hand 24/7. Here's a subway map that'll show you the closest place where you can get your cup at any stop.