a not so spooky halloween

I didn't celebrate Halloween this year. I couldn't decide on a costume (okay, I go as Peter Pan every year - I should've just done it again) and I wasn't positive on what I wanted to do, even. Instead, I had a very not so spooky Halloween - spent in gardens, eating fancy dinners, and cheering on the New York City Marathon. 

Do you ever ask someone to take a photo of you, and you're so excited about finally having photos of yourself - then you see how out of focus that image looks because the person who took it doesn't know what they're actually doing and you're kinda sorta disappointed? That's me... every. dern. time.

The best thing about Halloween in New York City is that you aren't entirely sure if someone's dressed up in a costume or if they're just a regular ol' street performer. 


I met Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump! 

During the New York City Marathon, Patrick and I literally got stuck in Central Park. We ended up walking five extra miles to get out, but with views like this - who can complain?

This is the face of total excitement. This dog was massive, and sat his giant head on my lap as I ate dinner. The rest of the patio was complaining that he was sitting so close - but I was contemplating taking him home with me.

Do you see that teeny tiny spec on the right side of the tower? That's a window washer guy - can you imagine how absolutely terrifying that job is?

This is an outside shot of the front of my building. I love the green vs red trees.