a zoo trip & shia lebeouf

We just recently received our idNYC cards, which essentially gets NYC residents into tons of cultural institutions for free (like, we get tickets to Carnegie Hall, and the New York City Ballet) as well as admission to all of the zoos in the city. It's pretty neat - and on Sunday, we took our first trek to the Bronx Zoo. 

Patrick and I are obsessed with starting "traditions" - about literally anything. Our newest one is to get a pressed penny from every pressed penny machine we see. We have about 10 so far, and we've got an ongoing list of where to find them in the city. We've yet to find anywhere to store these things, or even display them. Nevertheless, we're on a hunt for them endlessly.

Fall has hit the city! To be completely honest, the foliage was a bigger attraction at the zoo - as most of the animals were kind of sleepy.

Patrick cut his own hair and shaved an accidental bald spot. He's been forced to wear a hat since then. I'm NOT happy about it, as you can imagine. What kind of ridiculous things are our future children going to get into? 

I love this guy because whatever is growing on that rock, is also growing on his head. He obviously spends a lot of time hanging on his rock - and I respect that.

Not pictured: a ton of ostriches. Apparently giraffes and ostriches make good roommates.

Also, antelopes and baboons also make good roommates. Who would have guessed?

My team lead is kiiiiinda obsessed with Shia LeBeouf... like, he truly loves him. Earlier in the week, we heard a rumor that Shia was watching every single movie he'd ever been in for 3 days straight in a theater near our office. So, naturally, we spent our lunch break in line waiting to fulfill his dreams of watching Holes with Shia LeBeouf himself - but there were already too many people camping out to make it happen. By the next day, the line wait was about 10hours long, and from the livefeed of the event - people were sleeping in the theatre seats.  

Despite not being able to sit with Shia, I was able to create this beautiful image to commemorate the memory of the event - ha!