the small things

Life lately has been very fortunate for me. I’m not sure if it’s the holiday spirit kicking in, or I’m just getting lucky - but my days have been nothing short of amazing the last few weeks. 

I’d say one major reason for this has been my motto to celebrate wins. I’m a pretty excitable person, and I’ve really been trying to embrace that about myself as of late. When I was younger - I’d often like, lose my mind over kinda small things - for example, if my friend invited me to her birthday party two months from today, 9 year old me would make a countdown calendar on my wall until the big day. If my Grandma told me she was going to take me to dinner - I’d be so excited that I’d make a list of conversation topics and talk about it with anyone within ear shot. Basically, I pretty much loved everything - it was really obvious, and I couldn’t hide it.

As I got older, that kinda got… weird. No one wanted to be around the girl who squealed mid conversation over plans later. I realized that it wasn’t cool to show how excited you were - it was cool to not care. So, I learned to not care.

Then, college hit. Suddenly, I had found friends who got excited about everything. It was like finally happened, and everyone was seeing it the same way I did all along. I remember finding friends who wanted to do ridiculous stuff, like start a club about being “Jr. Zookeepers of America” even though none of us wanted to do that with our lives - it was just a funny idea and it was exciting. I remember being excited about being excited again, and that felt so good to me.

Today - I’m that person again. If Patrick and I have the same day off, suddenly - that’s the best day of my life. If I managed to have a full conversation with someone new and not embarrass myself - that’s a total win, and I’m a social butterfly. If I remembered both my wallet and keys before walking out the door - I’ve officially got my life together.

Allowing myself to be excited again has honestly made me feel so together. In the last week or so, I decided to go out and take some photos of the things I found exciting. Doing that made me acknowledge in all of these seemingly small things, and build a brighter day. Here are a few of them.

Delicious Coffee

When I lived in Virginia - we had a coffee shop that was basically my life source. It was right around the corner from my office, and we had a never-ending gift card that got us all free coffee/food. Since moving to NYC - I haven't had any truly good coffee, until now. Patrick and I trekked down to Wall Street to check out La Colombe - and oh my god - it's just what I needed. The store itself was teeny-tiny, with a long line of alpha-males in suits out the door, however we were able to grab a seat and people watch for a little while. Afterwards, we both had such a caffeine rush, which is strange for both of us - because we both pretty well acquainted with caffeine. So, it gets the job done, it's delicious and I'd highly recommend. 

The Christmas windows are up! Eeeek! 

A smarter version of me would have made videos of the windows - because photos really don't do them justice! Everything is moving, there's Christmas music playing, and the people around are oohing and aahing at the spectacle of it all. This is my first year being able to take my time and check out all of 5th Avenue's window displays - and I think I'll go back soon and make some fun .gifs of it all.

Everyone is getting in the holiday spirit.

Here's a fun fact - did you know the New York Public Library's lions are named Patience and Fortitude? Did you know they're already in the Christmas spirit with their cute Christmas wreaths? Well, now you do! 


Eeee! Bryant Park is my favorite park in the city - and now it's covered in ice! It's a bit crowded, so I can't say that it's the most enjoyable - but look how festive it all is! 

Boy, do I love you.

I love this photo because it makes Finn look like a giant cat, but honestly, he's a 7 pound runt. My head and my hands are weirdly small - so I guess that's what makes him look so jungle-cat like. I love that weirdo.