animal planters

I'm very fortunate to work at a company where everyone is constantly creating. I can't begin to tell you how endlessly inspiring my coworkers are, they're just darn talented. Recently, I found out that one of them basically makes the most adorable things you could possibly add to your home. Brook Meier works in our Portland office, and when she's not crafting, she mentions that she is "she is busy eating mac and cheese or daydreaming about the day she got to meet Lil Bub." Full of talent and wits, that girl! 

Here are my three favorite pieces.

I love how whimsical each creation is, and especially the versatility of the planters. Brooke mentions, "this is shown as a planter for succulents but can be used to hold jewelry, keys, or whatever you really want in the little bowl in its back. Name them, give them a home, and let your friends get green with envy once you place this in your home or workspace."

You can find more of her work on her website  (I'd highly recommend it - her work is endless and incredible) and buy these pieces on her Etsy.