a date night

We went to see the Rockettes! It was so much fun. I had expected it to be for kids, but it's pretty enjoyable for everyone. It may or may not have inspired me to high kick afterwards and be a danger not only to everyone around me, but also to my own legs. Pro-tip: if you've never high-kicked like a Rockette before, you probably shouldn't do it randomly. They're professionals, people!

We stopped my to see the Christmas tree after the show. I'll always be willing to battle the one-billion tourists to watch the ice skaters and admire the tree.

This is our absolute favorite date spot. I'm pretty sure I've posted about this before - but Milon is seriously the best indian food in NYC. It's cheap, you can bring your own beer - and obviously the decor is on point. Every time I go, the same guy comes over to me and says in broken English, "My friend. I have missed you - you see that movie 'Alien'? You looka like alien-shoe-head." Which we have finally deciphered to actually mean, "Hey - you look like woman in the movie 'Alien' - Sigourney Weaver." At least, that's what I hope he's meaning, and not the alien itself!