skee-ball and christmas miracles

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how warm it is this December? It's really just been so easy to enjoy the holidays, and everyone seems to be in such good spirits. I'll have to admit, my week wasn't the best (I'm looking at you - neighbor who stole my new shoes) but I did have some shining moments that I'd like to highlight. 

Every quarter, my job sends our team on an outing. We're able to choose where we want to go and we choose to go to Nighthawk Cinema - where they serve you dinner and beer while you eat. It was seriously the coolest experience, because you literally just sit down and a waiter comes over to your chair to serve you food. Afterwards, we went out to bars in Williamsburg - where I dominated at Skee-ball, and didn't make it home until 4am. 

Tis the season to spend too much money.

My all-time favorite holiday market is the Union Square market. This year, we managed to snag the most beautiful illustrated prints at a stall - which I'm most excited about. I'll be sure to make a post about the artist soon, because I think you'll all love her! 

Love all the handmade ornaments! Eeeee! 

It's a Christmas miracle, y'all!

Every year, Patrick and I buy a unique ornament as a holiday tradition. In the past, we've gotten a mini Virginia Museum of Fine Arts ornament (we met while working there!) and a faberge bunny (a huge exhibit at the VMFA) This year, we had spotted a taxi ornament in the New York Public Library, but it was like June, and we decided not to buy in. Since then, we've been looking for this ornament for our tree this year - and we couldn't find anything like it anywhere. It was honestly getting kind of depressing, because we've been running out of time to find the perfect one. However - last night during a cleaning spree (at 11pm - sorry neighbors) we were sorting out our closet, and guess what we found wrapped up on a top shelf? 

The perfect ornament! What! How? Did an elf put that there?! The previous tenants were Jewish, and we know they didn't celebrate - so where in the world did this come from? We've chalked it up as a genuine Christmas miracle, and couldn't be happier with our new addition. I mean, it's exactly what we wanted. I'm still in awe.


I'm so thankful that this year I'm finally able to buy legit gifts for my family. This is like, unheard of for me. I almost always make gifts or give everyone the same thing. This year I went big - so big, I got my grandma an iPad. Who's the best granddaughter ever? Yeah, that's right - I am!