What I've leared since moving to NYC


1. Always have cash in your wallet, and be wary of where you spend it. You never know when you'll need that hotdog, that ice perfectly sprinkled soft serve cream cone by the park, or a bottled water from the corner bodega. Don't spend your cash at Starbucks, Duane Reade, or Shake Shack - save it for the places that are unapologetically cash only still, in 2015.

2. Speaking of Shake Shack - it's the best burger and fries you'll have in the city. It lives up the hype. 

3. The hardest part about living in NYC is trying to mind your own business on the train. If you're texting next to me, I'll read what you're writing and totally make judgement of your character based on your conversation and/or grammar, and usage of Emojis. If I'm texting next to you, I'm trying to sound cool while you look over my shoulder at my phone's screen.

4. Don't feel bad about going to Dean and Deluca every day on your break from work just to sample the soups. Don't feel bad that the staff is starting to catch on. Don't feel bad if you are guilted into buying their free-range-free-spirited-organically-charged eggs for more money than you're willing to admit buying a half carton of eggs for. 

5. Take off your headphones once in a while and listen to the people on the train chat/argue with each other. Write down the ridiculous quotes you hear. They're Twitter gold.

6. If you desperately need to pee - don't go to Starbucks. Find a hotel, walk in like you own the place, and go straight for the bathroom that's usually in the lobby. This has worked for me every time I've tried it. There's never a line, and it's never disgusting.

7. It's okay to judge the women in high heels walking around. I hope to, in time, find out how women are able to do that in this city.

8. Don't smile at the babies on the train. They're not normal babies who smile back - they're native New Yorkers, which means they're already way cooler than you'll ever be, more cultured, and not at all interested in your crap.

9. When riding the train, just go ahead and expect to be late. Nine times out of ten, it's delayed or just not running that day. Don't even think about leaving earlier in the morning and having a few extra minutes before you work - at best you'll just show up right on time or ten minutes late. Just go ahead and sleep in a little, you need it.

10. Don't make eye contact with anyone on Canal and Broadway. Just don't.