quirky NYC stores

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company

The greatest thing about the Brooklyn Superhero Supply is that behind a secret swinging bookcase - it's actually a front for a non-profit organization that provides after-school tutoring and workshops for children. Inside, you can buy capes, grappling hooks, utility belts (new and vintage), masks, tights, deflector bracelets, bottles of chaos and anti-gravity, secret identity kits, and more. 

Located: 372 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    CW Pencil Enterprise of New York City

    From their about page: "What we're trying to do is dig up the stories and origins of these objects and make them accessible to those who appreciate them for their functionality, beauty and history as much as we do. As simple as it may be, the pencil is something which despite advances in technology will never become obsolete. Whatever you may use them for, we want to make sure that you can have any pencil your heart, hand, or collection desires."

    Located: 100B Forsyth St, New York, NY 10002

      Magic Jewelry

      If you want to get your aura photographed, you'll need to go to Magic Jewelry in Chinatown. Sitting in a copper seat to balance out your energy, you'll be given tea to calm yourself. Once your photo is taken, someone will discuss what your aura currently is and answer any questions you have about the energy surrounding you.

       Located: 238 Canal St # 108, New York, NY 10013

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