a whole new year

Goodbye, 2015.

The last year was amazing for me. I’m so thankful for that, and how much I managed to fit into the last 12 months. I learned so much about myself, and grew into a much more independent person from it all.

2015 had it’s ups and downs, but thankfully the ups were so amazing - I can’t even bother to think about the downs. Here are just a few of those wonderful moments:

I started the year off with my best friend - visiting Costa Rica and Panama. We rode four wheelers in the jungle, howled back at howler monkeys, jumped off waterfalls, snorkeled with sharks, surfed the sea, and lived on a solar-powered island.

The day after our trip, I set off for a new adventure to a whole new kind of jungle. I hopped on a plane with my cat as my carry on (I wouldn’t recommend doing that) and landed in NYC during a snow storm. I moved in with a stranger, in a neighborhood I had never been to - and for the first time, I was alone. My boyfriend stayed in Virginia, and my best friend had moved to LA. It was terrifying, but I pushed through. In February - I started my job. It turned out to be a dream job, that I had never dreamed of having. I couldn’t have even asked for a better career, team members, or company.

Later in the year, Patrick made the move to NYC. I won’t get too mushy here - but dang, I love that guy. Moving in together has been such a wonderful experience, and I wish we could have done it sooner. With him at my side, 2016 is an exciting new adventure that I can't wait to start.

Hello, 2016.

This year, my new years resolution is just to top 2015. Most notably, I want to get comfortable in life. I'd like to start focusing on the future and not just today, and plan more. I want to learn patience (I really don't have any, yet!) and maybe if I'm lucky - get a dog at some point. I'll surely make a post on my full resolutions at some time this week, so be on the lookout folks. 

I hope you all had a wonderful year, and if not - rejoice in knowing you officially have a brand new start. Make the next twelve months amazing.