taking a trip

As I mentioned earlier - we're going on a trip! After a quick deliberation, we chose Belgium as our destination. Out of all the countries we were looking into, it just seemed right. Back when we first started dating, we had the wild idea of taking a trip overseas, but things got in the way (aka I had to pay my tuition) and we put the idea back to a later date. We've been so fortunate this year, and we're finally able to make the leap. 

Some of the major factors in this decision were: good food (think: waffles, chocolate, fries, and beer!) easy public transport (we're New Yorkers - we ain't driving a car!) and romantic (I mean, do you see that picture up there? I'm already falling more in love.)

We're planning on a little over a week and a half of vacation, and from what we've decided so far, we'll be checking out the following cities: Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent. Luckily, Amsterdam and Paris are both just 2.5 hours away - so we may make a day trip to one if we have the time.

I'm beyond ecstatic right now, and I'd love to hear any recommendations on what to do while there! Of course, travel advice in general is always greatly appreciated.