a few things lately

Every so often I find myself having to do a "where have I been?!" post. This is one of them.

I'm a little ashamed to say that I haven't been using my camera... like, at all for the last month. It's not that I haven't been out and about - it's because I've been out and about. I really need to remind myself that taking photos during this time in my life is so incredibly important, and I'll never regret a having my camera with me.

I thought I'd share a list of things I've been up to, as well as the very few photos I've taken.

What I've been up to in list form:

1. Lighting multiple candles of different scents at once in my apartment. Why have I never though of this before?
2. Having friends in town, hi Becky & Megan! 
3. Almost got a tattoo. Instead, watched Megan get one.
4. Planning my Amsterdam trip.
5. Went to a cat cafe & ping pong club.
6. Daydreaming so hard about my future neighborhood (we've decided on one!)
7. Giving in to the thought of buying tennis shoes (side note - does anyone else call sneakers tennis shoes instead, or is that a weird Southern thing?)
8. Absolutely killing it at my day job & freelance business - we have two new clients!
9. Literally given up on social media.
10. Feeling like the most organized person thanks to my planner.

What I've been up to in photo form:

Patrick and I visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the cherry blossoms. Despite the hundreds of people taking the same selfies around the trees, it was pretty amazing. We also saw a dog having the time of his life in the fountain outside of the Brooklyn Museum and I've never laughed harder. 

Walking through our future neighborhood just puts me in such an incredible mood. I'll literally use any excuse to go through, can you blame me?

I know y'all are probably sick of this view -- but I'm not. Once again, here's what you'll see if you were on my office's rooftop bar.

Patrick being... Patrick. I really love this photo of us, but I feel like it's too suggestive to really use anywhere.

I accompanied Megan to get a massive snake tattoo on her arm. I was about this close to getting a daisy tattoo as well, but decided that's something I should probably spend some time thinking about. Her tattoo artist was amazing - check her out here.