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Like every millennial, I love social media. I love it so much, some may even say I'm addicted. If everyone I loved attempted to surprise me with an intervention, I'd walk straight out of the room and tweet about how no one truly understands me. 

Here are some fun facts about my life on social media:

1. I began my love for social media on MySpace, in the 10th grade. My most memorable moments were setting Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" as my profile music, and "coding" my own layout. I  most definitely peaked in high school, but that's another story.

2. I've run Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook accounts for a few companies, and I loved it. Curating a branded feed is something I pride myself in, and I'm a Hootsuite superstar.

3. My dog Archie has an Instagram following. He's got WAY more followers than me, and I secretly think he's going to become Insta-famous and I'll be able to buy a mansion with all of his earnings.